Thursday, 17 April 2008

Belated birthday post

So it was my birthday on tuesday and I was spoilt as usual. Richard got me this amazing chest of drawers and a super wicked lamp. I also got my yearly update of shoes, clothes, books and new perfume which was handy as mine ran out tuesday morning. Rich also got me a cupcake with a little bear on top and wrapped my vans up in the coolest darn Petra Bowse paper. Aren't I a lucky one!

I have also had a good week of making things and have new bags and brooches to send to stockists and put into my etsy shop. There is one sneaking in the background of the photo of my new lamp. So all in all a good birthday week, plus it didnt rain which is a first.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

good mistakes

Isnt it strange sometimes how things are arent quite right or not what you were expecting are really nice. I was taking photos in the garden today of my new bags and I really love how these shots came out. It wasnt the right angle and the colours are slightly wrong but I love them. I especially like the sky in the second one.

Good mistakes are nice suprises.