Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nowt as nice as pretty packaging

Last month with the postal changes here in the UK I decided it was a good chance to re-access and change my packaging. I have been using the same little brown craft boxes for all of my items for the last few years now and although they are lovely and simple they are quite bulky and aren't particularly very laurafallulah-ry really. I while ago a friend designed a lovely little spotty card for me to use to display things on for craft fairs and I really wanted to use this in my packaging. So this is now wrapped with some turquoise tissue paper (not photographed) and popped in a brown pillow box stamped with the laurafallulah cotton reel.

I am really happy with how it all looks, plus the backing card, tissue paper and box are all eco friendly and recycled. Pretty and not so bad for our lovely world, what more can you ask for. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Floral clearout

 Part of my mass clear out the other week was going through my many many boxes of fabric and selecting nearly half of it to sell. It was hard and some of it moved from sell to keep piles more than a few times but I tried to be ruthless. So here are a few of my favourite floral prints that I have already managed to put up in my supplies shop. I have some gingham's, stripes and remnant packs still to go in but i'm slowly getting there. The above is probably my favourite fabric ever, I have kept some pieces for myself but though I would share it out too. It is of course Liberty of London tana lawn, I can't remember the name of the design, im sure you all have a better memory than I.

This 100% cotton daisy fabric is so bright and fun! I used to work as a fabric specialist in a department store and when this came in I had to treat myself to it but have just never got round to using it. I love those pop art style flowers. 

Finally a much more subtle and pretty ditsy rose print, I love these 50s colours, dusky blues and pinks. I have used so much of this fabric in my time that last time I went to restock I bought an extra bit for the shop. There are also a few bits of the same print in other colour ways.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring cleaning and flowers

Instead of spring cleaning my home I decided to make over my blog and give it a much cleaner look and I love it. I hope you do too.

We have had a tiny glimpse of spring last week (although it seems to have disappeared now) so I have been working on some new floral brooches inspired by all the blooms and blossoms that have appeared. First up is this triple rose bud brooch, I love this colour combo. I will hopefully show you a few more soon once I have perfected the designs.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Creative brain = messy brain

I'm sure I am not the only person who is naturally a little messy, I blame my creativity but its probably more likely that I just don't really like tidying up. Either way I decided this year that due to lack to space in our new flat I would try to be a bit more tidy with my work. This decision was taken after it took me roughly 3 hours to find my labels for my purses which were in one of the many boxes in my workspace. Surely tidyness and everything in its place means a more productive work environment right?

So I emptied the boxes and sorted through, got rid of lots, am slowly listing un-needed supplies in my other etsy shop, and did my filing in my new filing cabinet and I can now actually sit and sew at my desk. I am not going to pretend any of this was fun, infact it tooks me weeks and I have hated it but I am nearly there and it does feel good.

There was one fun bit though and this will appeal to those of you like me who have slight OCD type issues with craft stuff. That one bit was sorting my embroidery threads, ok doesnt sound like fun but lookie lookie at the result. Mmmmmm colourfulness in rainbow-like order.

So they went from this, yes I worked with my thread in this box for years.

 I purchased one of these boxes from Laura at Lupin Handmade, they handily come with plenty of the little card bobbins which you will need.

And voila!! so pretty, and so easy to put all the threads on, plus so easy to use when you need some thread. Plus my little bird scissors, also from Laura at Lupin, fit perfectly in the larger section. Ahhhhh my brain feels so much better for this little amount of neatness in my life. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Colour therapy

One of the first things that draws me to something is the colour, be it fabric for my work or food for my stomach I am always attracted to bright colours. Like a magpie but with pink and red rather than sparkle, although I do like a bit of bling too.

When making new purses my favourite job is choosing which zips, buttons and linings to use, I am all about the clashing and co-coordinating. I just can't help but add a pink zipper onto a red purse or a grey onto yellow, it is like a impulse reaction to the fabric.

P.S. All of the above purses are now off in the lovely Hannah Zakari shop in Edinburgh so you can go see them there, and buy them of course.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Leap on over

Sale Trio Spring Trims by kirstyfish
Sale Trio Spring Trims, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.
So if you don't know that 2012 is a leap year where have you been hiding? I am so happy that we get an extra day this year, I feel like it is already flying by so the more extra time we can have the better in my eyes.

My friend Kirsty over at Paperfish is having a Sale day with free UK postage on top on the 29th February only. She has 4 etsy shops, yes 4! so you are sure to find something you like. Be it a handmade gift or some crafting supplies or even a Christmas decoration ready for December you will find it in one of her shops. I know I will be having a good flick through her pages to see what bargains are to be had. Just make sure you use the code above when you check out to get the free shipping.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spring Flowers and New Places

 A new year bring new and exciting things to Laurafallulah. Firstly new items in the shop, I always love this part of my job. Its so nice to have fresh new designs in there along side the best sellers.


 These bright yellow daisy earrings are so pretty, a great pop of colour to brighten up this dreary time of year.


 When I saw these rose cameos I knew they would be perfect with the rest of my work. Such beautiful detail and a great modern take of the classic cameo. I have put one of these pink and mint ones aside for me, also in blue and white which looks very Wedgewood.

 And these new cameo rose brooches are my take on this style. I love the ripply outer which frames the 3D rose and little leaves. Comes in this classic red and grey colourway and a more modern pink and grey too.

Secondly the new year bring two exciting new stockist for Laurafallulah. Most excitingly is that they are both new ventures, I love that people are setting up their own businesses in this economy it is very encouraging.

Firstly a multifaceted venue called The Step. As soon as I read their email about their concept for The Step I knew it was somewhere I would love to sell my wares. A cafe/bar/shop based in Bowes Park, North London, promoting local food, drink and showing off the best of handmade design, perfect! Plus the stunning Art Deco branding is really up my street, I do love a bit of old fashioned Hollywood style glamour. The Step is due to open at the end of this month so keep an eye out on their facebook page and follow them on twitter, you can also see their process of gutting out their building to create The Step from scratch.  

 Secondly this cheeky little fella represents Craft Guerrilla, a retail and craft workshop space set up by the lovely ladies at the East London Craft Guerrilla collective. Based in the Wood Street indoor market in Walthamstow, East London so pop over for a bit of stitching and shopping. They have a great range of handmade items from UK designers and crafters. Check out their facebook page for more info as well as keeping up to date with events and the comings and goings. These ladies have been running markets and crafting events for a long time and the shop is an great addition to their repertoire, I am in no doubt that it will be fantastic.