Friday, 6 April 2012

Floral clearout

 Part of my mass clear out the other week was going through my many many boxes of fabric and selecting nearly half of it to sell. It was hard and some of it moved from sell to keep piles more than a few times but I tried to be ruthless. So here are a few of my favourite floral prints that I have already managed to put up in my supplies shop. I have some gingham's, stripes and remnant packs still to go in but i'm slowly getting there. The above is probably my favourite fabric ever, I have kept some pieces for myself but though I would share it out too. It is of course Liberty of London tana lawn, I can't remember the name of the design, im sure you all have a better memory than I.

This 100% cotton daisy fabric is so bright and fun! I used to work as a fabric specialist in a department store and when this came in I had to treat myself to it but have just never got round to using it. I love those pop art style flowers. 

Finally a much more subtle and pretty ditsy rose print, I love these 50s colours, dusky blues and pinks. I have used so much of this fabric in my time that last time I went to restock I bought an extra bit for the shop. There are also a few bits of the same print in other colour ways.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring cleaning and flowers

Instead of spring cleaning my home I decided to make over my blog and give it a much cleaner look and I love it. I hope you do too.

We have had a tiny glimpse of spring last week (although it seems to have disappeared now) so I have been working on some new floral brooches inspired by all the blooms and blossoms that have appeared. First up is this triple rose bud brooch, I love this colour combo. I will hopefully show you a few more soon once I have perfected the designs.