Friday, 29 February 2008


Today was not such a nice day, grey, rainy and altogether a bit crappy. I still went into Greenwich with my friend Sini for lunch and a mooch around the antiques market. There was one stall with the sweetest vintage dress on it, unfortunately the only one I could afford was too small. It has inspired me to start making my own clothes again though. I have a ton of fabric so maybe I will extend my line of designs to include some dresses and seperates. I also dropped off some new designs in the shop I sell in there, Red door. It is a sweet little shop which mostly sells handmade local items and also has a gallery at the back which shows the work of local artists.

We also went to my favourite fabric shop in Lewisham to get some fabric for a trade I am doing. Sini also makes bags with her friend Sanna so I knew she wouldnt get bored with my fabric shopping like most other people I know. You can see their shop on etsy to, , it is beautiful. As it was such a horrible day I didnt even get my camara out of my bag incase it got rained on. Instead you can look at a photo of Sini and my favourite bag in her shop.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

why I love blackheath

So yesterday in the etsy forum I was telling GUGAW why I love living in Blackheath. So when I was in my garden this morning and heard the lovely noise I have heard many times before I ran inside to get my camara. Lots of people dont know but there are thousands of wild parrots living in the south of London and down into bits of Kent. They are wicked awesome and I love seeing them. I normally only see them in Greenwich park or in a garden on my way to the post office easting from bird feeders. So this is why I love living in Blackheath, not only do you have the benifits of living really close to London city centre but you have fantastic wildlife. There are of course more reasons why blackheath is lovely like the fact that it is really a village so it has a great community spirit that you dont get in many places nowadays. Plus most of the shops are independant, not all to my taste but I support that they are not all chain stores. The only downsides are that is bloody expensive to live here and also that there are so many estate agents and chain coffee shops but this seems to be following the trend of most places. I wouldnt choose to live anywhere else in London though.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


So I love photography and love taking photos but I get very frustrated when trying to take photos for my etsy listings. I have been out in the chilly garden taking photos nearly all morning so my hands were almost frozen. I filled up my memory card and wore out my battery but I think I got some good ones. Plus I wasn't alone, my boy was there to keep me company. As most people who know me know I have three cats. Spencer basically follows me around most of the time, I think really he is a dog. Whenever I go out to take photos he tries to sit on top of everything. As it was really sunny today he just sat next to me at did some sunbathing.

Monday, 25 February 2008

I am new to this so be gentle

So I finally got one of these blogspot thingymagiggies. I seemed to have spent all day on the computer today sorting out photos and sorting out blogs. I managed to get a little bit of sewing done and take a few photos before the sun went behind the clouds.

Anyways this is a tester post to see if I can figure this out. I am going to put in a photo to see if I can work that bit out too. This is the purse that I added to my etsy shop today, more to come in other colours too.
I am excited now to blog here. I promise they will be far more interesting in the future.