Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nowt as nice as pretty packaging

Last month with the postal changes here in the UK I decided it was a good chance to re-access and change my packaging. I have been using the same little brown craft boxes for all of my items for the last few years now and although they are lovely and simple they are quite bulky and aren't particularly very laurafallulah-ry really. I while ago a friend designed a lovely little spotty card for me to use to display things on for craft fairs and I really wanted to use this in my packaging. So this is now wrapped with some turquoise tissue paper (not photographed) and popped in a brown pillow box stamped with the laurafallulah cotton reel.

I am really happy with how it all looks, plus the backing card, tissue paper and box are all eco friendly and recycled. Pretty and not so bad for our lovely world, what more can you ask for.