Monday, 25 February 2008

I am new to this so be gentle

So I finally got one of these blogspot thingymagiggies. I seemed to have spent all day on the computer today sorting out photos and sorting out blogs. I managed to get a little bit of sewing done and take a few photos before the sun went behind the clouds.

Anyways this is a tester post to see if I can figure this out. I am going to put in a photo to see if I can work that bit out too. This is the purse that I added to my etsy shop today, more to come in other colours too.
I am excited now to blog here. I promise they will be far more interesting in the future.


Kezzaroo said...

welcome to the blogular world lady youll be a pro in no time hurrah! x

KMCdesigns said...

Well done on your first post! You'll be a dab hand at this in no time!!

Melanie Ann Green said...

hey lady... nice blog you got here!

Cara said...

Yay - nice first post Laura, and a photo too!