Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Front Page of etsy and I miss it!

Typically the first time I am in a treasury on etsy and that treasury is on the front page and I bloody miss it. Oh well luckily it was made by a UKer and lots of people had copies. Richard said how can you have missed it you are on etsy 24 hours a days. This however isn't true I am only on there a little bit of the day but I probably would have been on there this morning to see it but I was walking back home from Catford. My bus was cancelled and I had to walk my bus route home which was a pain in the butt.

A treasury, by the way, is a group of items chosen by one person on etsy which shows off some of there favourite items. You should go and check them out on http://www.etsy.com/ as some people put together such beautiful combinations. They are like mini exhibitions of lovely stuffs. I am currently in two, the one above is the one which was featured on the front page and was put together by the lovely Curiosity killed the cat, whose wicked stuff can be found at http://curiositykilled.etsy.com/. She is also the only other person I know, outside of uni, who is crazy enought to be a weaver like I was. Thanks to Kala for the image.

Tonight I am meeting up with some of the girls from etsy so lets hope the day just keeps getting better.

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Curiosity Killed The Cat...! said...

Yay! So glad it was your first FP! Very exciting! Hehe, crazy weavers unite! xx