Friday, 27 June 2008

Dying beauty

So in my last post I said about this new flickr group which I have joined to hopefully help improve my photography. Well it is the end of the first week and so I have finished my first set of 5 photos. I am actually really pleased with how they came out. I normally take about 30 photos just to get one which I am happy with so with these I decided that I would allow myself a maximum of 5 per image just to allow for my shaking hand.

Well judge for yourself, they are all based on dead or dying plant life. Suprising beauty in ordinary places is the theme of the group so I hope you like my representation of this. Just have to think what I will do next week now.


Chichiboulie said...

They are all lovely. I really love that red rose one. I think this is such a fabulous idea for a group as it makes you look at things you ordinarily wouldn't notice.

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice pictures :) love the colours in the green chair photo. It is a great idea for a group, hopefully I have some free time soon to take photos (after I read the camera's manual [I have no idea how to even get the camera to switch off of auto mode lol])