Friday, 9 January 2009


Today I opened a new etsy shop to sell handmade supplies and commercial fabrics. I have only listed a few items so far but I am going to fill it with lots of lovely covered buttons, pin cushions and beautiful fabric.

sorbet felt cover buttons

I love fabric and haberdashery which is why I started making things. I studies textiles through out school and onto to university. Because of this I have a massive stock of fabrics which I pick up whenever I see something I like. I have always been a bit of a hoarder but now I decided to use this to my advantage and pass on my love of fabric to others.

red and pink stripe cover button

You can tell it is my shop I think as everything is quite girly and kitsch. I will be selling some different styles of fabric too which I have picked up on my travels. Keep looking as there will be more coming really soon.


Anonymous said...


I love the new shop - the banner looks great and that pink fabric is rather tempting me. Good luck with it.

LPFish said...

hey Laura x looking hot (rrrrr) i was going to say to you to start blogging your quilt too. It is a good incentive to keeping going at it and blogging x

laurafallulah said...

I will be blogging more, about lots of different things. Hopefully, if I remember.

GUGAW said...

ooh cute felt buttons!