Friday, 5 March 2010

Trying something new

I decided at Christmas that I would like to make a completely different product this year, something that still goes in with the rest of my work but something new to me. I am one of those persons who makes lots of lists and constantly has to have a pen and paper on me incase I have an idea or remember something which I need to write down or I am likely to forget again. So this got me into thinking what sort of things I love and it was obvious, Stationery! So I began, as I always used to do, and made a fabric covered notebook for a present for one of my best friends for christmas. It turned out really lovely and then that was that my brain was full of ideas.

So off I went with spray adhesive in hand and as always metres of fabric and out of it all came these.

I made two different designs for my Not on the high street shop and then another completely exclusive design for Hannah Zakari, click on the link to see the cute cherry notebook. I think they came out really well and not only do they cure my need to use fabric but they also are handy for all those lists.

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MegPS said...

Yay! Lovely to see you developing your stationery selection. Very pretty too.