Monday, 24 May 2010

sewing in the sunshine

Warning this post contains the obligatory garden shots as I am english and there for obsest with the weather.

The weather is glorious here in the UK at the moment, im sure some of your have been lapping it up like I have. So today I decided to venture outside with my machine to do a bit of sewing al fresco. Turns out it is a pretty perfect way to spend the afternoon. I found myself a little bit of shade, being of the English rose variety I do catch the sun easily, and armed with my extension lead and folding table I set up camp. Hopefully my machine wasnt too noisy as to disturb my neighbors and I went right to the bottom of the garden so they couldn't hear my beautiful singing voice as I sang along to my Ipod.

I couldn't really think of a better place to work really, this garden is one of the places I am really going to miss when we eventually move out of London. Who couldn't be inspired being surrounded by all these beautiful flowers.

The temperature is supposed to drop off in the next few days so I might not get to do this again this week but hopefully this wont be our only glimpse of summer this year, last year we had about a week in September, and then I will be ready with my foldy table and machine in hand.

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