Saturday, 17 March 2012

Creative brain = messy brain

I'm sure I am not the only person who is naturally a little messy, I blame my creativity but its probably more likely that I just don't really like tidying up. Either way I decided this year that due to lack to space in our new flat I would try to be a bit more tidy with my work. This decision was taken after it took me roughly 3 hours to find my labels for my purses which were in one of the many boxes in my workspace. Surely tidyness and everything in its place means a more productive work environment right?

So I emptied the boxes and sorted through, got rid of lots, am slowly listing un-needed supplies in my other etsy shop, and did my filing in my new filing cabinet and I can now actually sit and sew at my desk. I am not going to pretend any of this was fun, infact it tooks me weeks and I have hated it but I am nearly there and it does feel good.

There was one fun bit though and this will appeal to those of you like me who have slight OCD type issues with craft stuff. That one bit was sorting my embroidery threads, ok doesnt sound like fun but lookie lookie at the result. Mmmmmm colourfulness in rainbow-like order.

So they went from this, yes I worked with my thread in this box for years.

 I purchased one of these boxes from Laura at Lupin Handmade, they handily come with plenty of the little card bobbins which you will need.

And voila!! so pretty, and so easy to put all the threads on, plus so easy to use when you need some thread. Plus my little bird scissors, also from Laura at Lupin, fit perfectly in the larger section. Ahhhhh my brain feels so much better for this little amount of neatness in my life. 


Mrs B said...

Practically zen like!! I wish I was often I wish it!! I applaud you ;-) xxxx

Sarah said...

WOAH!! The first picture of your threads is like staring at my own mess-pf-a-stash! But how pretty do they look now?!! I might get me some little bobbins too!

laurafallulah said...

Mrs B I am the least tidiest person ever, I wish wish wish I was but it just isnt so. Although I now have tidy threads :)

Get it Sarah, seriously its a life changer, well sewing life changer anyway.