Friday, 2 September 2011


It was so nice today so I decided to make the most of the last drop of summer sunshine and take a walk into Blackheath village to get some supplies from the health food shop (im on a health kick at the moment) and have a sit on the heath.

But look what my lovely postie had dropped through my letterbox when I arrived home!!

The long awaited Hannah Zakari lookbook along with an adorable Gemma Correll Edinburgh postcard. And wasn't it worth the wait! I love a catalogue or lookbook and have a collection of them from when I used to work in a small boutique and this is one of the more lovely and succesful. I know I am a little biased as HZ stock my work but really it is wonderful. It gives you a great feeling of what Hannah Zakari is really about, great design, well made products and fun!

The first page is probably my favourite, what a brilliant image. I love that Rachael, the owner of HZ, is not afraid to do something a bit different and humorous.

Followed in a close second by the mix of necklaces by Uncommonly Beautiful. Simple but effective, how can you not love that mix of colour, wood and metal.

And of course I cant miss out the image titled Other Things We Sell which along with one of the sweet Lou Lou and Oscar Cat People shows some of my rosette brooches and fabric stud earrings (just had to get that one in there). This shot makes me want to go and visit the shop and have a good rummage.

Well done Rachael, it looks amazing and make me very proud to be part of the Hannah Zakari family. I'm sure that this book will be coming out year after year for me to have a good flick through.

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