Wednesday, 28 September 2011

pins and needles

I know how to live the high life. A new pair of shoes? or a manicure? Nah! when I want to treat myself I stick to haberdashery. I couldn't resist the grey pearly tops of these pins. I don't know what it is with pins, I lose them like they are socks so its just as well they don't come in pairs. Where as needles I seem to keep forever, I have only ever bought one pack, well now two, and I still have a couple of them.


Anonymous said...

That is so true, I'd never thought of it before. I love my special headed pins too - its like having special stationary to do work, just makes the fiddly bits seem so much more fun.

laurafallulah said...

don't even get me started on stationary! I bought some nice drawing pencils and new sharpies last week too